Why Music Theory Is Essential To Producers


If you are a beginner in the world of music, any experienced person will tell you to learn music theory before anything else. But what exactly is music theory and why is it considered so important on your journey to becoming a proper musician? That is exactly what this article strives to find out. 
Music theory is composed of all the individual components that you require for making up a musical piece or song. This includes the melody, harmony, rhythm, structure and pitch. Other complex elements include nodes, chords, scales, signatures and so on. 

The Benefits 

Composing your songs means you have to be able to write and read your musical notes, all of which are part of basic music theory. After all, you need a method to pen down all the good ideas you think of in your free time. Not only that, music theory is the basic need for any musician and you won't be able to go far without it. 
So what are the benefits of learning music theory you ask? 

As mentioned before, it helps you to create a base for your musical background. This will help you go a long way in your career. Without the basic ability to read notes and perform the other meticulous  activities involved, you won't succeed. 
Learning music theory will also allow you to expose yourself to and differentiate between the numerous musical genres that are present. That is also an ability which will need in plenty as a musician. 

Also, knowing the intricate details of music will allow you to appreciate it better. You will be able to enjoy the work put in by different artists and thus allow yourself to open up to their compositions even more. 

How It Will Make You A Better Producer? 

If you are a striving producer, you too should learn music theory as well as you can. So how exactly can doing so make you a better producer you ask? Here are some of the ways that can happen: 

You will be able to analyse songs made by other people and study them in greater details. That includes the different progressions, bass lines, harmonies and so on. 
As a producer, you will have a far better understanding of tonal harmony and the things related to it. Needless to say, you will find tonnes of applications for it in your job. 
Transposing your music into different keys is also an ability you will be able to learn. That is something every producer should know how to do. 
You will also learn how to read sheet music, and that is something crucial if you want to be good at your work. 


So, if there was any doubt regarding why you, as a producer should learn music theory, then they should have disappeared by now. Music theory is essential for any musician. As such, you should learn it up as soon as possible if you too want to be successful in the field of music.

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