Why 99% Of Artists Fail… And How To Become The 1%  

Earlier in the year, I wrote a blog on financial literacy and why artist should invest in their career instead of spending money on luxuries and liabilities.

I wrote about treating yourself like a business and how to make money as an artist.

I wanted to expand on that and create a guide for artists and creators to succeed.


Why The 99% Fail

This quote from my mentor sums it all up: 

"Artists fail because they are dreamers and they don't think of this like a business. They REALLY just don't have what

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Why Artists Should Invest In Financial Literacy  

"Passions without profits create pipe dreams." - Malcolm "MJ" Harris


For awhile I've been contemplating why most artists fail year after year and eventually give up on their craft. 


They spend thousands on vocal/beat production and recording cost, yet only 13,400 Spotify artists (out of 7 million) 
made $50,000+ (in royalties) in 2020


We hear new talent every day and think to ourselves, "They're gonna be the next star" or "They're so talented."

But in reality, they're a struggling artist that…

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Why Music Theory Is Essential To Producers 


If you are a beginner in the world of music, any experienced person will tell you to learn music theory before anything else. But what exactly is music theory and why is it considered so important on your journey to becoming a proper musician? That is exactly what this article strives to find out. 
Music theory is composed of all the individual components that you require for making up a musical piece or song. This includes the melody, harmony, rhythm, structure and pitch. Other complex elements…

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Differences/Similarities: DJ, Composer, and Producer 

To Begin  

When it comes to people, who do not understand the technicalities of music, a lot of labels tend to get overlapped with each other. The line separating Hip Hop producers and DJ's is one which is extremely blurred out in today's times. And that is mainly because people are not knowledgeable enough on this subject. 

As such, this article will strive to clear out the differences between these 2 labels (3 rather since a producer and composer are not the same thing either). You will also learn about…

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