What Is GBR?

GBR, General Boss Rank, is a major representation of Black Entrepreneurship: GBR strong bosses who capitalize on being a product of their environment. As a movement and team through Greensboro, NC, we have started to produce beats and videos. Working hard, and daily progression, to get our families out of the struggle.

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Vantiless Cunningham (O.D.), born to Vernia Cunningham, August 23, 1987 Greensboro NC is an upcoming artist from Greensboro, NC.

 "I first got interested in music at the age of 9, my grandma gave me a keyboard for Christmas. However, every year I seemed to lose them or break them. So I always got another one every other Christmas. I used to lock myself in my room all the time; studying the different keys and melodies.

Always getting in trouble, I was kicked out of school in tenth grade. I went to London B Johnson Jobcorp, in Franklin, NC. Here is where I realized “success lasts a lifetime!”. In job corp, I saw a lot of people who rapped and it made me very interested in music. So I started to join in the rap, realizing I had talent for rapping. I graduated JobCorp in 2004, came home loving music even more. In 2005, I had my son; which made me want to push my music career harder then ever. I had different jobs, however the nine to five did not fit me. From 2001-2015, I had a very bumpy road from going in an out of jail, just trying to get back on the right path. 

In middle school, I started to play football, running back #46. I was a starter in 7th grade. I always tried to succeed in everything that I did, which lead to my nickname OD. Along with football, I started to sing in middle school, while playing with my keyboard. Every since, I have been pushing  my hardest to fulfill my dreams."

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