JBlanked is an American Hip Hop producer-songwriter born in Lynchburg, Virginia and raised in Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina. Artists/producers such as Mac Miller, J. Cole, and J Dilla are pure inspiration to him. His unique timbre creates a compelling atmosphere in all of his music. Besides making instrumentals, he is also an established Artist and Audio Engineer.

Upon his graduation from Full Sail University, JBlanked started engineering in local studios and songwriting, which influenced him to create his first hit, "Run No Game", gaining him a distribution deal with U-NXT / Universal Music Group. On this site, you will find many examples of his work, as well as a custom store to purchase some of his music, instrumentals, NFTs, and more.

"I started out as a musician, learning guitar, piano, and various string/brass instruments in school, church, and camp. I went to a magnet school for High school that specialized in the arts. I was able to study piano as a "major". From there, I went to college (at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro) to study piano performance.

During my time at UNCG, I got more into music creation, but this time on the technical side of the things. Daily I would chill with my homies (at the time) creating (simple) beats for us all to freestyle too. A few of my friends kept saying "you blanked on the beat". I was so confused at the time since I didnt know the slang. That's when I really became "J Blanked", well it was "J Blanked On This Beat".

Three semesters in, I realized piano performance was not for me. I dropped out and immediately applied to Full Sail University to get my Bachelors in music production!! At Full Sail, I learned the ins-and-outs of the music business, including recording, composing, marketing, licensing, and branding. That was also around the time when I was posting daily on Instagram and Youtube. That's really what helped me take off the most; being consistent and constantly creating.

After graduation, I started working with a lot more artists locally and reached out to local studios for engineering jobs! That's when I recorded my hit single and improved my ear for audio engineering.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Dreamville, EPMD, MCG Empire, Universal Music Group, and many more!!

Fast forward to today, I have worked with 10,000+ artists worldwide and will continue to push myself as an Artist and Record Producer."